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Armstrong (Kent) LLP is bringing forward proposals to secure the future of Fort Halstead. The site’s largest tenant, the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is due to relocate its operations from Fort Halstead to Porton Down and Portsdown West by 2018, which will leave a large proportion of the site vacant. It is crucial that the future of Fort Halstead is sustainable, dynamic and viable to ensure a high quality environment can be created on site for when Dstl leaves.

Since 2012, we have held a series of consultation events to discuss the future of Fort Halstead including two stages of public exhibitions, a community planning weekend and a feedback session where the outcomes were presented to the local community. You can find out more about our consultation activity here.

We have now submitted an outline planning application to Sevenoaks District Council. If you want to take part in the Council’s consultation on the planning application, you can do so by quoting the application number 15/00628/OUT on their website: pa.sevenoaks.gov.uk/online-applications/

If you have any questions or comments please call our community information line on 0800 0194 576 or click here| to contact the Armstrong (Kent) LLP team by email.


16/03/2015 Outline Planning Application submitted for Fort Halstead

Armstrong (Kent) LLP has submitted an outline planning application to Sevenoaks District Council for the redevelopment of Fort Halstead.